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Harmful effects of ethanol on small engines

Ethanol attracts water and separates (phase separation) in fuel to create a corrosive mixture that settles on the bottom of fuel tanks. Over time, ethanol-blended gasoline can corrode metal fuel components and deteriorate plastic and rubber fuel system components. In addition, oxygen in ethanol-blended fuels causes gasoline to decay faster, leaving varnish and sludge deposits over time.

These and other ethanol-blended fuel-related issues may result in engines that will not start or that run poorly, and may even ruin engines and other fuel system components. In extreme circumstances, an engine running on phase-separated fuel may run out of control, posing serious danger to the operator.

Due to majority of problem is fuel related, not starting and carburetor damage, its best to use good quality gas, and store it in the proper gas containers that is sealed.
Also helps to have a frequent turn on gas by buying smaller amounts at a time but more frequently to have fresher gas on hand.

Best to run them dry in the fall, no gas to go bad, also empty can in the car (unless you have water in it), store both mower and can inside, out of the weather. (Under the eve or deck does not count).

Also we cannot be held responsible with your gas, or your gas and mower storage habits. (or any other habits for that matter)

Bad customer example " You fixed it last summer and now it won’t start (spring time), it’s your fault, you did not do a good job, and I'm going to leave a bad review" (As you can see who get the blame now)

E15 warrning

The following symptoms may occur when using E15 fuel:
Softening, cracking, swelling, drying of rubber and plastic components
Corrosion of the metal fuel system components
Water absorption which leads to fuel becoming more corrosive
Phase separation, which can completely ruin engines and fuel systems
Shorter life of the fuel with higher amounts of oxygen
Leaner running, causing heat problem.
All not covered under warranty
E15 remains a leading industry concern, OPEI chief says
E15, weather patterns and government regulations are significant factors for the outdoor power equipment industry, said Kris Kiser, president and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. "[E15] is a legal fuel available in the marketplace that is not safe for your nonroad products. ... No product (OPEI equipment) in existence today has been designed, built or warranted to run on any fuel containing more than 10 perfect ethanol. You are likely to void your warranty if you use fuel with ethanol content higher than 10 percent," Kiser says.

Top Tier Detergent Gasoline

Places to find Ethanol free gas

Tips on not rusting, the deck out.

Seen some nice mowers ruined because of lack of care.
Clean underneath deck after using it.
Wet grass and some fertilizer will rust or corrode the deck.
Use the washout port while running on a hard surface if it has one.

Or run it on a hard surface and just aim the water next to the left side rear of the deck while running (front of the wheel) so the water will be sucked up inside the deck, kind like a dishwasher would. (do it till the water is clear)

Or disconnect the spark plug, tip with the air cleaner side up, use your gloves or scraper to remove most of it, does not need to be perfect to keep it from rusting. (but do not turn the blade while doing so).

Read the user’s manual for more info. 

Tips on improving bagging grass.

When it does not bag as well as it used to, its bag cloth is most likely plugged up with grass.

Air needs to go through the cloth to bring the grass into the bag.

Hose or take off the bag off the frame and soak in bucket of water, bleach, and soap for a week and then hose it out good. (Washing machine, not a good idea, ask the wife)

Also make sure the deck is clean, see above tip info.

Tips on not having wheel ruts, in the lawn.

When you go in the same direction week after week it’s starting to look like you have railroad tracks in your lawn.

Best to change your directions every time you mow go North South, East West SE NW etc. and go back and forth not in a circle only.

Tips on keeping your mower a long time.

Buy a good one to start out with, not the cheapest thing you can find.

Keep it clean, keep it dry, get it serviced least every 1 or 2 years instead of just fixing it when it breaks.

In other words take care of it, seen 20 year old mowers still in service

Tips on you able to mow grass, first thing in the spring.

Don't wait till spring to get your mower fixed, especially if it broke in the fall, you had all winter to get it taken care of it.

We even have Fall/Winter rates to save you money, Grass always grows every Spring you can count on it.

A way to get rid of the leaves

Easiest way to get rid of leaves is to use your mower in the mulching mode.
Blow the leaves onto your lawn, and just mow mulch them up.
It helps the lawn grow better with less fertilizer, the worms eat them, poops and aerates the soils, so don't Diazinon your lawn it kills the worms, also helps with summer drought with better water absorption.
When leaves fall, mow weekly don't let it get too thick, and them complain it does not work.


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