Husqvarna 525iB Commercial Battery handheld Blower 967915504

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Husqvarna 525iB Commercial Battery handheld Blower 967915504

The Husqvarna 525iB Mark II is a powerful and highly efficient battery-powered blower designed for professional use. Let’s explore its features:

Brushless Motor: Equipped with an efficient brushless motor, the 525iB Mark II ensures lower energy consumption and increased runtime.
Lightweight and Well-Balanced: Its compact, well-balanced design makes it suitable for full-time professional use. The low noise level allows you to work in public settings.
Instant Start: A simple tap on the keypad instantly starts the machine at any time.
Boost Function: Activate the boost function for continuous extra blowing power when needed.
Cruise Control: Maintain a fixed blowing speed for uninterrupted work.
Flexible Battery System: Compatible with the highly flexible Husqvarna 36V battery system.

Blowing Force: 11 N
Weight: 5.51 lbs (excluding battery)
Air Flow in Pipe: 459 cfm
Air Speed (Flat Nozzle): 192 mph
Battery Through Body Design: Horizontal battery placement reduces the risk of dirt and water entering the battery compartment.
Interchangeable Battery System: Use it with other Husqvarna battery tools.
Comfortable Working Position: Equipped with a harness and eyelet for comfortable operation.
Low Noise and Vibrations: Pleasant work environment and longer working hours.
Ergonomic Balanced Design: Reduces strain on arms, shoulders, and back.
Low Maintenance: Electronically controlled drive system minimizes downtime and operation costs.
Low Carbon Emissions: Environmentally friendly, emitting no CO₂ during use.
The Husqvarna 525iB Mark II offers flexibility, performance, and comfort for professional landscapers and outdoor enthusiasts alike
Limited Warranty 2 year home use (extendable),
2 year commercial use warranty
Price includes assembly, and the manufacturer warranty dealer support.
Battery and charger not included.

$309.99 In Stock.

Advanced motor fan design

Top level performance in pro battery class due to the advanced electric motor fan design, providing efficient blow force.

Continuous boost power

Continues maximized blowing power can easily be activated by one click on the boost mode button.

Cruise control

The cruise control allows you to set a fixed blowing speed to work continuously without adjustments.

Weatherproof (IPX4)

This battery-powered Husqvarna machine fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance. This makes it a long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions.

Battery Through Body Design (Pat.pend.)

The battery is placed horizontally through the machine to reduce the risk of dirt, water, chips and dust getting into the battery compartment, causing connector issues. Also, it enhances the weight distribution and balance of the tool, making it more user-friendly with increased maneuverability. The through body design also offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows battery packs of different sizes to be used.

Interchangeable Battery System

Able to be used in all Husqvarna battery tools, our lithium-ion batteries are durable, easy to swap and recharge quickly

Comfortable working position

Working with harness and eyelet equipped machine gives a comfortable working position.

Low Noise and Vibrations

Low noise levels create pleasant work and enable longer working hours without disturbing others.

Ergonomic Balanced Design

Ergonomic handle and lightweight, balanced design for less strain on your arms, shoulders and back

Lightweight design

Low total weight compared to petrol machines, thanks to fewer components and a lightweight electric motor, provides more comfortable use.

Gear up for nonstop operation

Our battery accessories allow you to carry on and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Excellent ergonomics

Superb product balance, comfortable handle grip, and intuitive keypad provide excellent ergonomics for comfortable work.

Low Maintenance

No fuel refilling, fewer parts and electronically-controlled drive system for less downtime

Low Carbon Emissions

By choosing this product, you can feel confident that it produces lower carbon emissions during active use compared to a traditional petrol product. This battery-driven product does not emit any CO₂ during use while still providing the power and quality that you expect from a Husqvarna product. However, it’s important to note that CO₂ emissions are generated during other stages of the product´s lifecycle, such as production, charging and end-of-life disposal.

Truly cordless

The machine offers you the flexibility to work truly cordless with an internal battery. Alternatively, the machine can also be connected to a backpack battery or battery belt. Whatever suits your preferences and needs.


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